Lord Titles

Though sometimes confused with the term “laird” in Scotland, the titles of Lord and Lady are special in UK nobility, and there is a significant difference between all three of these words.

Laird - A distinctively Scottish word, “laird” and “lord” are sometimes used interchangeably. A Laird is someone who owns a large estate in Scotland and is seen as the “landlord” of such estate. The term “laird” is often used by those who live or work on the estate and the person who is referred to a “laird” owns the land. This land has often been passed down from generation to generation within the confines of Scotland itself.

Lord - Lord Known across the UK, “lord” can be granted or bestowed upon a person in several ways:

  1. Marriage between a Lord or Lady (owner of a parcel of land or estate) and seated, which means the title may be passed down from generation to generation upon death of the Lord or Lady, and the land has remained in the family.

  2. Purchasing “Lord of the Manor” titles, and thus purchasing aforementioned land from the current owner. This is the most expensive and drastic option, especially for those outside the UK.

  3. Receive an appointment to the House of Lords (done only via nomination and appointment from the Prime Minister, and must receive confirmation from Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II—this position cannot be purchased).

A Lady is the female equivalent of a Lord, and though she may choose to marry, a single woman may be considered a Lady in her own right, so long as she holds seated title to the parcel of land or estate, or, if appointed to the House of Lords, receives nomination and appointment thereof as previously mentioned in our last mention on the above list.

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Please note—you may choose to style yourself as a Laird, Lord or Lady, but please remember that under Scottish Law, this is a title only and you have no legal rights or obligations attached to the parcel of land.

All land plots are considered souvenir plots of land and remain the property of the Highland Titles Charitable Trust.

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