Established Lord or Lady Title of England, Scotland or Ireland.

Titles are normally reserved for those born into the privileged life.

But there's a hidden secret and through Lordship-Titles it is now possible to purchase your very own claim to Royalty and call yourself ‘Lord’ or ‘Lady’ *

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Lordship Titles Certificates

The Lord of England Certificate

The Lady of England Certificate

The Laird of Scotland Certificate

The Lady of Scotland Certificate

The Lord of Ireland Certificate

The Lady of Ireland Certificate

Call Yourself As Lord or Lady

Lord is a title traditionally afforded to English, Scottish or Irish royalty. The female equivalent is Lady. When you buy your gift pack from Lordship-Titles, you will obtain a personal right to call yourself (or the person you are obtaining the title for) a Lord or Lady of the country you have chosen.

Lordship-Titles gives customers a personal right to use the title in England, Scotland or Ireland in the USA or around the world, and our customers or their giftees are free to adopt the titles or Lord or Lady of Pierpont-Archer (for England), Mac NĂ©ill (for Ireland) and Macallan (for Scotland) as they choose to do so. These are descriptive titles that simply replace the title of Mr, Mrs or Miss that you already use.

What Will You Get?

Our certificates are unique to the market. They are hand produced using heavy weight, acid free paper. After three rounds of printing, we seal all certificates with a gold foil seal which is stamped for authenticity. Last, we apply a hologram mark to the certificate to ensure each unit is one of a kind.

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I bought a Lady of England pack for my girlfriend and she absolutely loved it! 100% would recommend.
James Rogers
I wanted to email you and say thank you for this lovely pack - I really like the fact that you can search names on the database at anytime too!!
Maggie Mcbride
The most unique gift I've ever received, I've mine hanging on my wall, LOL.
Carrie Watkins
The quality is unreal, they sent the order within 24 hours and I also received a photo book, thanks guys.
Neil Joseph