What Is an Established Title and How Does It Work?

What are established titles?

Throughout history, people who dreamed of entering the upper classes could access those privileges through birth or marriage.

On rare occasions, the monarch would grant a title of nobility to a commoner as a reward for excellence in the military or business affairs.

The good news is, that you don't have to be shut out of the privileges normally reserved for the upper classes. Adding a highland title to your name can give you VIP privileges.

Established titles like lord or lady can open doors into the upper echelons of society. You can enjoy perks like upgraded seats on airlines or entry to high-end clubs. Using an established title like lord or lady can even help you obtain hard-to-find tickets to plays or sporting events.

How do I become a lord or lady?

Marriage or land ownership If you are a commoner who marries a lord or a lady, then you take on the corresponding title. For example, if you marry a man with the title of "Lord", you gain the right to use the title "Lady".

If you purchase land from a lord, then the title transfers to you with the property.

Appointment by the Monarch The monarch may grant an established title to someone who achieves great success in business, military services or specific public services. The monarch also may bestow a title on a noble's child if the parents decline a title from the rules of succession.

Children also may assume established titles while they are in line for a title like Duke.

House of Commons Members of the House of Lords use the title "Lord".

To become a member of the upper house of Parliament, you must be appointed. Only certain people qualify for membership in the House of Lords. For example, bishops and archbishops have a seat in the House of Lords.

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