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Perhaps you’re read our articles and some of our historical documentation regarding UK titles.

or perhaps you’ve been fascinated by the entire titling process, but you’re not sure that you may qualify for a title.

Let us reassure you—everyone is deserving of a title, and we’ve made purchasing a title easier than ever, no matter who you are or where you are located!

Traditionally and for centuries, the only way someone could be bestowed with a title was through appointment by the King or Queen.

Since 1998, we have made it simple, fast, and affordable for anyone, anywhere in the world, to purchase a title and have some forms of documentation changed to reflect their title. The hardest part of choosing a title may be deciding which title you feel best reflects you. Here are the titles you may choose from:

  • Sir or Dame - Often involving a knighthood, this title may be seated or non-seated. If a title is seated, it means you have land, and the title may be passed down through generations so long as that land remains in the family. We can’t help you purchase a knighthood, but you can purchase this title.

  • Lord or Lady - These may also be seated or non-seated, and you may even choose to be named Lord or Lady of your town! Please be sure to include the name of your town, city or borough, and we will include it in your official title!

  • Baron or Baroness - This title is in name and for “show” purposes, but the title itself is often associated with English nobility dating all the way to the 11th century and William the Conqueror.

  • Duke or Duchess - This title is also for “show” purposes, as Duke or Duchess is still very much attached to English nobility. Duke refers to a “dukedom” in which a ruler oversees a specific portion of his or her land. The best example can be seen in Prince William, Duke of Cambridge.

  • Earl, Count or Countess - Those who are fond of the television programme Vikings may be familiar with earl, coming from the Norse word “jarl,” which translates as leader. A count or countess is quite similar and is the more European equivalent. An earl, count or countess falls in line with nobility between a viscount and a marquis.

  • Marquis or Marchioness - In the UK, a marchioness may also be referred to as a marquess. In the past, a marquis and responsible for fortifying a stronghold.

  • Viscount or Viscountess - The title of Viscount is quite popular with single men in the UK, and the only way a woman can be known as Viscountess is upon marriage to a viscount.

Simple choose your title, pay the fee, complete your initial documentation online, and we take care of the rest! When you purchase your title, you’ll receive the title and a beautiful certificate stating such that is suitable for framing.

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