Become a Lord/Laird in Scotland

The honorific of Lord or Laird is typically held for those born into Scotland's royalty. However, there's a little-known secret that allows you to earn the title of lord or lady without having this birthright.

If you've always wanted to lay claim to an honorific and be known as a Scottish lord or lady, these simple steps will allow you to achieve your dream.

What Is a Scottish Lord or Lady?

In Scottish lands, a lord is a person who owns property or has control or authority over others. A lady is the female equivalent of a lord.

The term lord or lady comes from the United Kingdom's peerage, which is a hierarchy of duke, marquess, earl, viscount and baron. The honorific of the Scottish lord is usually used by barons.

How to Become a Lord in Scotland

The Scottish Highlands, located in the northwestern area of Scotland, are a beautiful landscape of taiga. Today's serene landscape used to be studded with epic battles and claims to land by nobility.

Now, the Scottish Highlands allows anyone to purchase a souvenir plot of Scottish land and earn the title of lord or lady.

How to Buy an Established Lord or Lady Title

You can buy an established Laird of Scotland title through Lordship-Titles. Go here to reserve your title and choose your preferred honorific. Within 24 hours of your online registration to become a lord in Scotland, your certificate will be in the mail.

The stamped and personalized certificate is hand-numbered and printed on heirloom paper. It includes a holographic seal for authentication. Your title will also be added to our database, so anyone who conducts a search will find your title on our website.

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What Your Title Includes

Our certificates are unique to the market. They are hand produced using heavy weight, acid free paper. After three rounds of printing, we seal all certificates with a gold foil seal which is stamped for authenticity.

Last, we apply a hologram mark to the certificate to ensure each unit is one of a kind.

What Scotland's Lord and Lady Titles Confer to You

When you purchase a gift package from , you earn the right to add Lord or Lady to your name when introducing yourself or corresponding in Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom.

You can also use this title in the United States and other nations around the world. With your online purchase of a gift pack, you may refer to yourself as Lady or Lord of Pierpont-Archer.

You may also drop the Pierpont-Archer designation. These honorifics can be used in place of the Mr., Ms., Miss, or Mrs. that you already use when introducing yourself or creating correspondence.

Some Benefits of Your New Scottish Lord Title

After you become a lord in Scotland, you may enjoy some fun benefits. You may receive the VIP treatment when attending special occasions, dining at restaurants or visiting attractions in the United Kingdom and other nations in Europe.

Some new ladies and lairds receive upgrades to their hotels rooms and airplane seats, five-star treatment at upscale restaurants and premier treatment at shows and performances.

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